Insulation is a process to prevent the heat flow between the body and atmosphere, it is required where you want to keep an object at the constant temperature. Having more than 140 years of experience in providing insulation services to the highest standards, across international markets. We offer you precisely tailored, innovative solutions for Thermal & cryogenic insulation.


We understand that proper implementation of thermal insulation can contribute significantly to energy conservation and thus tremendously improve the process efficiency. It also supports in reducing the plant’s operating costs and environmental impacts. Over the years there has been increased awareness about environmental hazards and energy cost reduction, the importance of thermal insulation has grown significantly.


Insulating LNG plants/terminal requires special expertise in the field of cryogenics. G+H Insulation India always focuses on providing insulation services that ensure reliable operation of the plant and safeguard the people who work there. G+H Insulation India has successfully completed more than 100,000 sqm of cryogenic work on LNG tanks & process plants in various LNG terminals across India since its establishment in 2013.


  • Assisting clients on appropriate insulation systems to use
  • Procuring, material handling and application of insulation material
  • Fabrication and installation of a vast array of cladding materials to suit the local environment
  • Development of high-temperature and cryogenic insulation concepts